Educational emergency” is one of the different knots that society has to untie and this is as well one of the topics that the University of Third Age of Acquaviva delle Fonti has suggested for the Opening Speech of the tenth year Anniversary.

After a review of the different educational contests and of the most recent psychopedagogic researches it seems fundamental to reflect on the big fragility typical of the younger generations and on the big educational responsibility that today, without any possible further delay, hits the grownups.

For them to cope with the educational emergency means to recognize and to accept themselves as educators of younger generations, to them it is asked also to dialog with empathy with the young and to build up an educational relationship aside from any eventual relationship.

The real educational emergency to cope with is, then , to build themselves and to put themselves as “significant adults”, as men and women that, committed to fulfil themselves as individuals, make any effort to be coherent with their choise.

If one does not grow up as a trustful adult one cannot be authoritative and if one does not achieve authority one cannot be an efficacious educator.

Young people have a deep, unconscious need to be supported by reliable adults .

The Acquaviva University of Third Age , since 10 years, offers grown-ups a training course that stretches out through cultural proposal, laboratory activities and recreational activities always different and interesting.

The qualified formative action of U.T.E. is an example of Lifelong Learning for people who chose to strengthen their personality to became better and reliable educators.

The metaphor of the pencil”, through the language of images, is a way to know and to share the deep meaning of life experience that U.T.E. proposes every year: to enrich those who attend its courses, to give new expertises, to discover new enthusiasms and to find new friends

The metaphor of the pencil ” proposes 5 peculiarities of an object that is of very common use, the pencil, whose peculiarities are its way of functioning and at the same time the reason why it was made.